Theatre & Dramatic Arts Services

“Effective service meets needs”.  Rising Action Productions exists due to unique needs for creation/choreography/writing, performance and instruction in Photography, Video, Mime/Physical Theatre, Drama, Musical Sign, and other areas of the performing and visual arts.  Now in our 22nd year, Rising Action’s clientele has included churches, camps, schools, and other organizations. Service can take place as part of church programs, youth events, day and residential camps, conferences, school assemblies, banquets, organizational anniversaries, workshops, and more.


To book Kev Wood and/or Rising Action Productions please use the following form:

In the following ‘Booking Details’ box, please answer the following answers:

1) For what would you like to book us?

2) What is the date and start time of the event for which you like to book us?

3) What type of service are you wanting (i.e. performance, instruction, choreography, script writing, review/critique, consultation, other)?

4) What do you anticipate being the length of time for our contribution?

Thank you for your submission.  We’ll be in touch with you very soon.

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