How Would You Describe Your Style?

While my style is varied, I enjoy using natural light.  I seek to capture stories and emotion in portraits, landscape and events.  I also gladly accept the challenge of capturing stories, people’s unique traits and personalities, and relationship qualities through photos.

What Comes with My Session Fee?

The session fee includes planning and preparation (pre-production), time of the session, use of my equipment, and editing of photos (post-production).

How Far in Advance Should I Book My Session?

‘The earlier the better’ since my availability is based on my schedule.

How Long Will My Session Be?

Most sessions are between 30-90 minutes in length.  I encourage clients to allow for a 3 hour window.  Up to 3 hours is included in the session fee.  There may be a fee for additional time beyond the 3 hours.

Where Will My Session Be?

Lifestyle sessions can be held in your home in Winnipeg (there may be a mileage fee for locations within driving distance distance of Winnipeg).  Depending on which you prefer, I can suggest locations or you are welcome to suggest an outdoor or indoor location as well.  Studio sessions can be held in my home in Winnipeg.

Can the Session Take Place at More than One Location?

Yes.  However, this depends on how far apart the locations are.  Transition/travel time will affect the amount of time that you have for the taking of photos within the 3 hour window.  It is possible to book session longer than 3 hours in length to allow for travel time between venues but there will likely be a fee for additional time needed.

How Many People Can Be Included in the Photos?

Sessions include up to 5 people.  There are additional charges for each extra person.  Please see my Investment page for more details.

Can I Request Specific Configurations of People (i.e. grandchild/grandparents, solo of kids, parents as couple, etc.)?

Yes, within reason.  If the request will result in significant additional time and labour on my part (especially for the editing), there may be an additional fee.  Please let me know in advance so that I can plan ahead, including the creating of a shot list based on your requests, vision and goals.

Do We Have the Option to Use Props?

Yes.  Please let me know in advance if you would like to use props so that I can factor them into my planning.  You can bring your own or I can try to accommodate prop requests if you don’t have your own.

Can Our Pets Be a Part of the Photos?

Yes.  However, please let me know ahead of time so that I can plan sufficiently and budget enough time.

When is the Best Time of Year to Schedule My Session?

Any season of the year is a possibility.  Obviously, if you want to have the session outdoors and don’t want to be cold or have to wear coats and outerwear, then summer and the warm parts of spring and fall are ideal.  Indoor or in-studio photos are possible at any time.

What is the Best Time of Day for a Portrait Session?

In-studio sessions can be done at any time of day.  For outdoor sessions, morning or late afternoon are good times so that there is less of a chance the sun will be in people’s eyes, and there won’t be direct sunlight.  For lifestyle session in your own home or elsewhere where we will be using natural light, late morning or early afternoon is best since there is more indirect light from the sun at these times.

What Should I Wear?  How Can We Best Prepare for the Session?

If you’d like to bring special props, or would like some provided, please let me know in advance so that I can factor that in to my planning and preparation.  Please be sure to visit my ‘What to Wear’ page as you consider your wardrobe.

How Many Outfit Changes Can I Have?

Normally I permit 1 wardrobe change.  More may be able to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

What If I Don’t Like Something About Myself?

If there is something about yourself which you are self-conscious, we can plan to shoot around your concern.  I am also able to make certain edits in the post-production process (i.e. skin blemishes, scars, zits, etc.) which are already included in your session fee.  (Requests for over-and-above creative edits may be possible but depending on the labour required there may be an additional fee.)

Will We Know How to Position Ourselves in the Photos?

Yes.  You don’t need to worry about how to pose.  I will help and guide you throughout the session.

What If My Children Don’t Cooperate on the Day of the Shoot?

I’m good at interacting with children and babies.  I will most likely be able to get good photos from your session.  While it hasn’t happened yet, in the event that we agree that it wasn’t possible to get enough good photos, we can re-schedule for a negotiated, reduce fee (normally 50%).

What If There is Inclement Weather on the Day of Our Outdoor Session?

If we agree that it is not possible to proceed with your photo session, I allow the session to be re-booked at no additional cost to you.

What If I Prefer Black and White Images?

If you prefer to have your images in black and white, it is most helpful to know this in advance of the session.  I can then take your desire into consideration as I plan, shoot and edit.  It also may be possible to choose to have certain images in black and white after they are shot, and during the editing process there may be images that I believe are best in black and white, sepia, or other.

How Many Photos Will I Receive?

Please see the Investment page for a description of my different photo session packages and associated fees.

When Will I Get My Photos?

Within 2 weeks of your photo session I will email you a link from which you can view and download high resolution (hi-res) (JPEG) photo images.  Only people with this link can view the images.  This means that you can share the link with people who you want to be able to download the images for printing, posting, etc.  (This saves you trying to send large photo file sizes as email attachments.)

Will the Images Be Posted Online?

This is up to you.  Once I receive your booking request (please see my Booking page) I will send you a waiver that allows you to have control on who is able to see the images offline and online.  I am very grateful to have permission to display photos which helps to build my business.

What is Your Logo on the Photos?

My logo (‘watermark’) ‘s only on photos that I display in my offline or online portfolio to show that I am the author of the images.  There will be no watermark on the final edited digital images.

How Do I Book and Secure Our Session?

There are 2 simple steps: 1) Submit our Booking Form (on our Booking page).  2) I will respond, we will agree on date and details.  It is an option to pay a $50 deposit at this time by Interac email transfer, cheque or cash in advance of the day of the session.  The balance or full amount will be due on day of the session, before the session begins.

What Types of Payment Do You Accept?

You can pay by Interac email transfer, cheque (payable to Rising Action Productions) or cash.

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