Kev W Wood


Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drama)
Bachelor of Theology (Arts/Bible)
Master of Visual and Performing Arts (Theatre)
Bachelor of Social Work (Kev’s a Registered Social Worker)

Kev Wood has acquired knowledge and skill in Photography, Video, Mime, Drama, Musical Sign, and other areas of the arts from training and experience.

After graduating from Tyndale University College in 1991 with a Bachelor of Theology in Bible and Arts, Kev joined Steadfast, a dramatic arts team from Tyndale, that same fall. When the group recessed for the summer Kev auditioned for and joined 4 Crying Out Loud, a performing arts troupe founded and led by Bruxy Cavey.

Kev has also received training as a Mime that has included an emphasis on the Classical style of and training from the legendary French Mime Marcel Marceau. In June, 1994 he received an invitation for a personal (1:1) two week course in Classical and Expressive Mime at the Youth With a Mission (YWAM) Academy of Performing Arts in Cambridge, Ontario. Kev has also trained with Mimeistry International (now Innovo Physical Theatre) where he studied under Todd and Marilyn Farley, Mimeistry’s co-founding directors, both at a summer workshop in Michigan and then in the Journeyman class at Mimeistry’s residential school in Pasadena, California. Todd and Marilyn both studied at Marcel Marceau’s International School of Mime in Paris. Kev also attended Master workshops taught by the legendary French Mime Marcel Marceau in New York City (’99 [2 weeks], ’00 [1 week]) and Ann Arbor, Michigan (’99 [1 week]). In October, 2004 Kev also trained for one week under Gregg Goldston out of New York City. Gregg has performed with Marcel Marceau.

Kev began signing songs (Musical Sign – which is based on American Sign Language) when he worked at Ontario Pioneer Camps in 1985. Since then he has been signing at different venues throughout North and Central America, Europe and Australia. He is often asked to teach Musical Sign (The Wood Method) to both adults and children.

Kev also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drama) from Providence University College, Master of Visual and Performing Arts (Theatre) from Charles Sturt University, and a Bachelor of Social Work from Booth University College.  He taught as Adjunct Faculty at Providence University College from 2001-2007.

Artistic experience have had Kev perform and/or teach in nine Canadian provinces, approximately 35 U.S. states, Mexico, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Australia.

Kev has choreographed over 100 Mime pieces, interpreted over 100 songs in Musical Sign, and written over 100 Drama sketches, and a number of one act plays and scripts.

Kev’s wife, Becky, is also a talented performer and often performs with Kev.

Becky and Kev are grateful for the two wonderful children that they have.

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